How to get my low-poly geometry

I design my geometry in 3d tool by sketchup.
So I am able to know all the vertices and indicesOfFaces in anticlockwise.

const vertices =[-55,30,4, -55,30,-4, -31,-2.7,-11, -18,-6,-15, 22,-6,-15, 62,6,-5, 62,6,5, 22,6,-15, -18,-6,15, -31,-2.7,11, -55,30,4]
const indicesOfFaces = [0,1,2, 0,2,9, 9,2,3, 9,3,8, 8,3,4, 8,4,7, 7,4,5, 7,5,6,
18,10,11, 18,11,17, 17,11,12, 17,12,16, 16,12,13, 16,13,15, 13,14,15,]
var hbody = new THREE.PolyhedronGeometry(vertices, indicesOfFaces, 1, 0);

I can’t get the geometry(the geometry is so strange), here radius is 1, but I don’t know how to set this, because not all the verticies on the sphere.
Is there any better solution to create my geometry?
I am the new one.

Live example with your code:

First of all, why are you using PolyhedronGeometry? If you design your geometry in sketchup, it’s probably better to export it to glTF and then import it via GLTFLoader.

Thanks so much.
Sorry to reply you so late. I am busy with another project.
My skectchup version is to old, I can not get the extension, and I don’t have the license of the lastest version .
Is exporting to OBJ file in skechup OK? I discover there is a OBJLoader.
If I don’t want to export to any file, is there any hint about it? Any example in this website? Or which function is easier to get it myself?

The live example , it is strange , different from the geometry in sketchup.
But I will check myself

Loading OBJ is supported. However, you might want to consider to convert your OBJ files to glTF e.g. via