Looking for a different way to get blender geometry in three.js script

I recently found out that a feature (post processed effect) available in three.js doesn’t work so well when it has to do it with loaded geometry (glb from blender)
the effect works if the object is created directly within the script.
i’m thinking, what if i could somehow copy and paste the blender geo verts and u.v. as “text data” at the top of my three.js script, and then parse that top script text data to “re” create my object manually" ?
i have no idea how to to do it…

i’ve only learned/used glb export/import from blender to three.js so far…

does anyone know about an existing method or approach to do what i’m trying to achieve?

(am i referring to “json” data without having learned about it?)

any input/help appreciated

That’s kinda what glTF is (ie. model-as-JSON text.)

If you’d like to literally copy vertex / face and uv positions (as sets of 3 numbers) and put them in three, you’ll end up rewriting OBJLoader. This is how OBJ files look after opening:

Thanks, ill read on it and do a minimal test to see if it does the trick…