How to focus on some 3D objects with keeping the material properties unchanged while making other 3D objects or background objects fade

Can someone please suggest what are the ways to attain the effect as shown in these two images. What is the best way to obtain this effect in three.js.

This is the image with some 3D objects.

And this is the image with 1 object focused while other background 3D objects faded.

Maybe to use fog in the scene and set fog: false in material(s) of meshes, that you want to stay clearly visible.

Yea that works. Thanks for the quick and easy solution @prisoner849 .

You’re welcome :beers:

that is such a good idea! i’ve been struggling with this and opacity never came close to what i had in mind.

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Yea, I’ve got the scene.fog in my scene but didn’t know the material has fog property. I was trying to adjust the map or light intensities…It was a big DUH :laughing: