How to fix this problem with reflection

Hello folks, I’m new to the forum, I added this example to my code , but reflection is shifted to the left side. I’ve tried changing parameters, but couldn’t fix it. What should i try to do?
three: “^0.165.0”
react-three/fiber: “^8.16.8”
My elements in code:

          <Ground />
        <ambientLight intensity={0.5} />
        <spotLight position={[0, 10, 0]} intensity={0.3} />
        <directionalLight position={[0, 0, -40]} intensity={0.7} />
        <Intro />

<Text font=“/Inter-Bold.woff” textAlign=“center” fontSize={3} letterSpacing={-0.06} {…props}>

  blur={[400, 100]}
  args={[10, 20]}
  position={[0, -1, 0]}
  rotation={[-Math.PI / 2, 0, Math.PI / 2]}
  {(Material, props) => <Material color="#a0a0a0" metalness={0.4} roughnessMap={floor} normalMap={normal} normalScale={[2, 2]} {...props} />}

There are multiple factors that can cause this:

  1. Camera position
  2. Reflector Scale
  3. Position

Do you have a code sandbox for your code, if you have that would make it much easier to debug the issue.