How to dynamically animate a 3d model?

I would like to display a character and allow the user to change its pose my moving each body part independently (hand, foot, head, etc.), like a puppet.

So basically I need to move a model skeleton with Javascript, and not by loading an animation in the model file like in this example.

Subsidiary question: Is .fbx format really appropriate in this case? It stores animations but I don’t need them, so maybe an other 3d model format is better for this purpose…

Something like this? Reference | An online tool to help you sketch human figures

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Yes, something like this, I will definitely take inspiration from this project, thank you.

It’s very interesting because I was thinking of a tool that could allow the user to create a pose very quickly, and now I realize that it’s not trivial at all to build a effective UI for this.

I’m still interested for answers to my original question, (how to update the skeleton), because I’m not sure I will use Reference for my project.

It is probably not as hard as you think, three has bones and transform controls so a lot of the work load has been taken off you shoulders. If you have a pre-rigged model I think it could be rather easy. Though I have never really worked with bones in three but if they behave anything like in blender you’re in luck.