How to draw 3d graphics on google map?

Please watch the video. 0. Overview - HelioScope Knowledge Base.
I want to draw 3D roof on map like helioscope, can you give me some advice how to connect three.js with map ?

I would start with mapbox, using one of these references:

Doing the same with Google Maps API is difficult, I’m not aware of any out-of-the-box tools for it, and it has no 3D view.

Any luck with this @cooljser? Was looking at Cesium but looking for google maps instead if there are any.


I create a Three.js scene and then add a Google Map as a texture on a Three.js plane,longitude:-122.4058,zoom:16,offsetUTC:-420

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Check out maptalks
Never used it, but has some cool demos.
There’s one with support for ThreeJS layers.

Now it is possible using Google map WebGL Overlay View

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