How to create this gooey effect

hi I am new in three.js is there any way I can recreate this with three.js without using glsl

but, this is a tutorial, it explains how. these things are generally made with shaders. if you’re new to three better get comfortable with the idea that you will constantly bump into shaders. bruno simons threejs-journey is a fantastic learning resource if you have the resources for that. it includes shaders.

anyway, you can abstract it

this is using MarchingCubes from three/examples/jsm but it’s fairly limited.

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thank you! so, I was exploring around with shaders(glsl), trying to recreate this awesome blob effect Shaders on Scroll | Codrops but it uses glsl is there any way to make something similar with three.js as glsl doesn’t quite work well if u don’t have good pc