How to create particles in the editor

Hello guys! I have a question: how to create a particle system in the editor? more precisely, just particles, of any kind? I don’t understand - on which object is it better to write scripts? How do I create them? How do I display the created particles at all? could you please help to sort out this issue… In the usual three.JS is clear to me, but in the editor - no longer. Thanks for your answers! Happy New Year to all! :relaxed:

You can import point clouds via PLY, DRACO or OBJ into the editor but it is not possible yet to create instance of THREE.Points over the menu. One open issue is the question how the geometry should be authored in this case.

However, it is possible to work with THREE.Sprite. There is also a pre-defined example for this approach. Using THREE.Sprite is problematic for complex particles systems though since you have a single draw call per sprite. Meaning the performance won’t be good.