How to create Geoemtry Tool bar?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for suggestions on creating a geometry toolbar without using HTML and CSS. Are there any plugins or alternative approaches you would recommend for accomplishing this task? I need to create tool bar like this


Thank you in advance for your input!

felixmariotto/three-mesh-ui may be of some help

Its not the required one but I’m looking for is to create a toolbar for Geometry using plugins. I want to incorporate specific plugins to enhance the functionality of the toolbar. Do you have any recommendations or ideas on how to achieve that? I
I used this pluggins but not working:

I’ve read it 3 times, but don’t understand what you mean :smiling_face_with_tear: Screenshot you’ve linked shows chunks (mostly auto-generated by a bundler), not “plugins” or packages used in the app.

Regardless, you should keep logic of what packages / APIs you’re using provide, and the rendering - ie. three.js / geometries / materials - separately. Decoupling view from logic will make your code cleaner and more maintainable over time - also ensuring that whichever packages you decide to use, will work properly regardless of how they are presented to the user.


simply I would like to know if I can create toolbar for geometry with small code using plugins instead of programming it from the beginning.