How to create a website shop with 3d configurator

I need to create a website using pure html, css, js, php. In this website there are some categories and products that users can select for example one of them and go to the three.js page and configurate it as a 3d model and then order it.

I have created the three.js (configurator) space like this tutorial ( But I don’t know how to pass data from my pure website (to send which product they want to the three.js) to the configurator page. I need to understand how can I create the part that they choose a product and then go to the page of three.js (as a sub-domain).

Please help me I really need it thanks

Consider building the entire thing without 3D / three.js at all first.

If you are unfamiliar with how to build complex projects, just start small - make a text / image-based configurator first. Make sure it does what it is meant to do. Make sure the data and routing works without issues etc (you can use anything for this, Laravel, Next.js, Jekyll, Hugo, or even pure PHP - as long as you set up the routing and server-side data nicely.)

Only when that part is finished, and you are able to configure products using just simple text / image UI - do the 3D. Rendering, regardless whether it’s 3D / 2D / prompting external AI API, should be decoupled and not influence how you built the rest of the configurator.

When you have the data + 3D viewing part done, only then add the interactions in 3D that will circle back and modify the data (if needed.)

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