How to create a 3D walk through experience

I am looking to develop a 3D walkthrough application and have point cloud(.xyz), mesh and texture(.obj and .mtl), and panoramic JPG files to work with. I am able to load the .obj and .xyz files using three JS however I am not sure how to create a 3D realistic walk through experience. The point cloud and mesh + texture rendering doesn’t look real. I am wondering if there is a way to overlay the panoramic JPG files on top of the mesh/point cloud to achieve the walk through experience. Any help would be appreciated.


What do you understand by “3D realistic walk through experience”? Can you share a link to a reference application or video that shows what you mean?

lets say we have a house captured in 3D and when user clicks on specific locations in the 3D space for example the lounge area, the system should take the user to that particular location in a seamless way. There are some examples of this on the internet. ?