How to combine OutlineEffect with EffectComposer?

I can not figure out how I can use both the OutlineEffect (or any other effect) in combination with composer - I need composer for OutlinePass.

OutlineEffect is more some sort of edgedetection shader, and OutlinePass will draw a (fat) outline around my objects and helps me highlight selected objects. I need them both for the result I am trying to achieve.

Does anyone know how to combine them?

You can try to extract the shader code of OutlineEffect and turn it into a normal post-processing pass.

The problem is that EffectComposer definitely needs an instance of WebGLRenderer for its internal logic. So it’s not possible to apply OutlineEffect as a ctor argument to EffectComposer. In general, all effects are not designed to work with additional post-processing.

…mmm, I need to find out what the workings of those postprocessorpasses are… but I am picking up the gauntlet…

Ok, I am not too proud of the solution I came up with, but it works:

The RenderPass is the first pass of my render composition and I found it just does a normal render. I figured out that I could just change the line render.render() to effect.render() in the file renderPass.js - where effect is a global variable pointing to the outlineEffect…

Now I got both effects - me happy!

I will mock up a demo later