OutlinePass with EffectComposer or OutlineEffect?

I’m using OutlinePass with EffectComposer.
But I found its resolution is a serious problem even with FxAA, so is its performance.
I haven’t tried OutlineEffect, but it looks better, I wonder if it’s really better and the performance

OutlineEffect is an object material shader (it’s calculated only for objects that want an outline afaik), OutlinePass is a screen-space post-processing (it’s calculated for each pixel of the rendered scene.)
Performance of the latter probably depends mostly on the renderer resolution you use.
Performance of the former may decrease if you have a lot of stuff on the scene, since it traverses all of it twice.

Have you tried the same scenario with both?

Nope - not sure if it would make sense, since they have different approach with different weak-points. :thinking:

My goal is to highlight the object hovered, but the OutlinePass doesn’t look good, also the frames drops when outlined.

Maybe I should try myself.

OutlineEffect is intended to give meshes rendered with MeshToonMaterial their typical outline. So it’s primiarly part of three.js's toon or cel shading.

I would not use it for highlighting objects.

BTW: The implementation of OutlineEffect is a bit controversial. At some point, it might happen that it becomes a pure internal thing for rendering toon materials.

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THX for the reply, I fully understand it.
But my point is, how does it perform compare to the OutlinePass for the same object.
Performance is quite important for me, for this purpose the visual effect could be various. If it perform better, maybe I can try to modify some code.

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