How I can use both OutlineEffect and vanruesc postprocessing at same time?

Ok. In the past I asked how use both OutlineEffect and EffectComposer. Fortunately I found the solution which was adding “setRenderTarget(this.vars.composer.readBuffer);”

composer = new EffectComposer(renderer, renderTarget);
effect = new OutlineEffect(renderer);
effect.setRenderTarget(composer.readBuffer); // SOLUTION
effect.render(scene, camera);  

But now I discovered the good performance of vanruesc post-processing library and I´m searching for a way to combine those postprocessing effects with OutlineEffect. The solution above dosen´t work anymore; I got this Error when I add effect.setRenderTarget(this.vars.composer.readBuffer);

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘texture’)

Note: I am talking about OutlineEffect (the one that is not post processing).

import { OutlineEffect } from 'three/examples/jsm/effects/OutlineEffect.js';

any help will be appreciate

these are two different effect composers. you would normally not mix jsm and pp. even if that’s possible it’s against the point of pp which creates one efficient uber-shader from all the passes.

Thanks for answer @drcmda.

The reason of why I want that outline effect. Is because I’m building a cartoonish scene and I feel that the OutlineEffect (no post-processing) given me a better cell shading vibe. The other Outline (outline pass, which I think is the Outline Vanruescs uses in his library “OutlineEffect”) I feel like his main purpose is for highlighting things instead of cell shading.

ooh, im so sorry, i always mix up jsm/effects with postpro. i thought you mean the shader outline thing.

Don’t worry, I appreciate your answer.

Well I’ll keep looking. I can’t believe how hard is make this work. The only idea that comes to my mind and that idea is beyon what I can do with my courrent skills is convert “OutlineEffect” into a post-processing. :disappointed_relieved: