How to combine a HTML form with a skybox?

Hi guys. I´m trying to use a normal skycube as a background.
Over it, i wanna put a simple form, just with a textarea, and a button. i want it to be over the skybox.
So far. i have the skybox working great, but the form is separated in the top area.
I hope you understand!!
Have a good day!
*sorry, my english is not perfect :frowning:
Here is the project
fortuna.rar (2.4 MB)
here´s an image of what i got

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I don’t, actually. Could you provide, at least, a picture of the desired result. Or a live code example (that’s much better).

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I’m sorry I did not understand a thing.

There’s this though:

Sorry, my english is not that great as i thought. (and obviusly, i´m amateur in js and everything)

The form is on a white space over the animation. i want it to be over the skycube, use it like a background, an “animate wallpaper”(???)
here is what i got:

Here is what i want:

And here is the project if you wanna look
fortuna.rar (2.4 MB)

Have a good day!!! and thaks so much

Are you looking for something like this?

The idea is to position the HTML markup right over the canvas. Besides, you can easily center your form via flexbox.