How to change avatar clothing with these models?

Hi, I want to do like a character changing clothes like switching different outfits on top of the body when require, I have these models ready in blender, every clothes are separate and attached its own animated bones also the avatar does the same. see image below.

I have no idea how to achieve this goal in threejs, I tried to search in google but not much informations, so what techs I should be look for and what is the process for this?

Hi, have you solved this issue yet?

Hi there, problem was solved by using a “share skeleton” method and I actually found this solution from unity that works pretty well after convert everything in threejs. Please check this link for reference.

can you share the code that you used for do that in ThreeJS?

I am now not at my workplace, it is not that hard as I am a beginner in threejs, I believe you can do that too. If still can’t do it, drop me a message tomorrow and I will show you

Sure!, I am going to trying implement that code, and I will write you if I find something useful, Thanks a lot!