Add new models (clothes, shoes, glasses,..) to an existing animated Avatar model

I have an existing animated (mixamo) Avatar model - users upload new 3D models (clothes, shoes, accessories) into the scene - now your job is to attach the cloth models to the animated Avatar model so that they animate in the right place (with code, not manually with blender - if you can solve this with blender API in an automated way, also nice).

This might be easy for bracelets, hats, glasses, but not so easy for shirts, pullover, jackets and trousers…

Write me if you are able to do this, so I can provide you 3d models and so on.

I am a senior web software engineer with demonstrated history.
I have worked over 8 years in web and 3d development field.

I was interested in this job position .
I already have built the 3d configuration avatar generation functions using threejs , webgl with Json format
I would like to discuss more details
telegram : @DSODIN
discord : DS-3dworld#0020
thank you


Hope you are doing well

As I have seen your post and I have 6 plus years’ of experience on this and I can do the job and I have read out all the requirements mentioned above and you can reach me out at

Can we discus more on this?

Thanks& Regards

Hi @CHOIX, I am interested in your project.

As a three.js Expert, I know your problem and can help you.
I have in-depth knowledge about Bone, Skeleton, SkinMesh, etc and already worked on the similar work.

Here is my portfolio website and you can find projects related to your problem.

Please Let’s discuss further.

Best regards,

Hello @CHOIX . :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you in this forum.
I’m very happy to send my proposal for your project and I think I could be the powerful candidate because of my highly skilled experience in Blender API.
As a senior software engineer and digital designer, I have took part in some projects like this and built the worth experience on it. And this is the reason why I’m very interested in this project.
I’m confident to create any 3D amination, and only limitation is my imagination. :100:
Blender, Autodesk 3ds max, Cinema4D, and SketchUp.
I’m a experienced coder as well as 3D graphic designer.
These are my good tools for creating 3D model and photorealistic animation with very smooth effects.
I’d love to take part in this project and will wait your good reply.
Looking forward to good news from you soon.
This is my contact info:


Skype: live:.cid.d3953209a5266c9a

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.

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