How to bend a grid of particles into kinda sphere-looking shape?

Hello hello everyone!
I know this could be solved easily with math but I’m pretty bad at it😅.

Well, basically I want to bend a grid(s) of particles into this shapes (the main colored spehere and the one underneath):

Any hints or directions would be really helpful :blush:

See Collection of examples from

Points to Sphere
Points to Sphere uniformly
rotate Points on Sphere

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thank you so much! your resources are very helpful

I believe, the sphere formation of orange points is just IcosahedronGeometry.

Well, I couldn’t resist to bend something :smile:

Unfortunately, I’m not that good at maths (the older I get, the better I was :sweat_smile:), so it took me some time to realize how to work with the smoothing function from this video (Martijn rocks, as usual).

Example: JSFiddle


man, you rock :heart:
that’s exactly what I needed. thank you so much!!

@deebov you’re welcome :beers: