How to be closest as possible to that render shadow diffuse (animated)?

Hello guys,

Need your advice, how can i do to be closest as possible to that render ?

This 3D dino mesh in the screen is a GLTF imported which is animated with a clip.

Is AO post processing needed ? Any idea or link shared are welcomed, thanks again guys you rock !

Contact shadows:
Ambient Occlusion:

These combined should do the trick (in this specific scene at least.)

Oh ! Didnt know about the Shadow Contact, looks so cool thanks a lot @mjurczyk !!

But for the noise maybe could be an issue, cause if you look at the sceen, the noise is only present in shadows

Can’t implement the renderer target of a glb that contain more than 1 mesh on it, do you have any sandbox with a gltf that got more than 1 mesh on it, and uses shadow contact (renderer target blurs) ??

I don’t think you can do it like that with contact shadows. pc soft shadows on the other hand, yes: you can use the global function in this box in plain three, no react needed. They’re hard to place and get right but once you have it they look nice. Kind of on the expensive side though.


Hello @drcmda thanks for answering me !

You mean by using into js and use it as global func right ?

Ok it is working, need to adjust parameters now thanks a lot @drcmda

I create the canvas on click on image that open a modal (where is insert the canvas ), but using the PCSS with shaders create errors when i close and open again that modal due to ‘redefinition’, do you have any fixe against that ? or anyone … Thanks :pray:

no idea, this code is straight from