How to apply static texture on scene view?

I don’t have any experience programming shaders or doing any form of postprocessing but I would like to know how I would go about overlaying an image onto a scene while maintaining its aspect ratio even after the window is resized, the image size should remain static, similar to how a 3d object appears in a scene. For example, in this image

the flare texture would be at that exact position over the earth object even when the view is resized and it should also not stretch.

Shaders and postprocessing won’t be necessary in this case. :sweat_smile:

If you want the image to maintain a position in 3D space (for example the flare above Earth), it should be enough to create a Sprite element and add it as a child to the Earth object.

It is possible to calculate screen width & height and then position the image relatively to any corner of the screen - but I’d expect it to get very messy, very quickly, when you’ll attempt to align 2D images to 3D meshes on the scene.

Thank you, I’ll I’ll definitely give it a try, I never worked with sprites before either, can you apply blend filters onto them?

Sure, under the hood Sprite is basically a plane geometry with a texture applied onto it. You can modify its material the same way you’d modify any other.

If you need flares, try Lensflare.