How to set the size of a texture image on a material?

I am using the THREE.TextureLoader() function to place an image on my Plane mesh. The image is however stretched out to fit the surface area of the face. Is there a way I can manipulate the texture size (width/height) and position (x/y)? I’m basically trying to ensure the texture fills the entire face without forcing the image to be stretched out to fit on the face. In CSS, we have these properties that we can adjust to fit our background any way we want:

background-position: 50% 50%;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

I don’t really want to do a child Object3D inside a parent Object3D in order to adjust the size/position of the child Object3D, so trying to see if there is another way to achieve this. Thank you.

You need to compute the texture scale for that as textures by default would stretch 1:1 to a plane geometry, however you would rather adapt the plane scale proportions to the image rather than scaling just the texture as other than repeat it’s clamping the border pixel colors being just continued.

I’ve never messed with the code part of it…I recommend taking a png texture file and sizing it so it will fit the same ratio on the box…for me it’s all about ratios

Like I’ve said before…I’m new so clarification is always appreciated