How to copy static texture from camera view?

My goal is to copy a specified size from the current camera view as static texture (like an image), even if after we dispose of the scene, the texture image itself remains in the assigned variable (just like when you load image file by new THREE.TextureLoader() ). so it can be applied to new scenes.

in this example :

it crops specified area but the problem is it keeps updating in real time (not a static image).

the same problem is happening also in rtt example : three.js examples

if i want to keep the texture (as static image) from randertarget, how i do that?

use rendertarget once

i used once with the first example (with the copyFramebufferToTexture function), where i put a flag boolean to stop updating it in the render loop, and it didnt work. i guess its a shallow copy or something…

i thought the same thing will happen in rtt.

well its working for rtt lol :smiley: thanks anyways… <_<

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