How to animate drawing a wide strip on a plane?

Hello everyone!
I wanted to ask your advice. I need to animate drawing a wide strip along the finished path. The path is specified as a set of points (or line). I am creating stripe using ExtrudetBufferGeometry and CatmullRomCurve3. A sample code can be viewed here:
What are the ways to create the desired animation, in which this strip will be smoothly drawn at the given points? Or maybe I’m going the wrong way? I would be grateful for the answer.
I still have one idea: to divide the finished geometry (strip) into segments, that is, cut the finished strip along its lengths into many segments, make them invisible and add them to the scene one by one. How can I cut a strip into many even pieces? And how can I make a stretch animation for a particular segment? To make it appear to smoothly draw a strip along the dots

I’m not sure I’ve grasped your problem correctly. But maybe the following will help

Create a curved plane surface which dynamically changes its size

From the Collection of examples from

See also Addon to create special / extended geometries

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