[SOLVED] "sweeping" along a path

further to my previous question ([SOLVED] Creating a helical sweep with a flat profile - #16 by TheJim01) which I was given a great answer for and has sorted me out, I’m wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for doing what i would call a sweep…

that its to draw a path (a 3d spline/curve/line) but then have a profile of any shape (for example flat/square like in my previous post) sweep along it much like the tube geometry does.

the path will be none uniform, imagine a 3d curve drawn by the users mouse (so could go anywhere, rather than a simple equation), so i don’t believe (though tell me if wrong!) that you can deform a flat shape to match an existing “random” curve (how would you know how long to make the original flat shape?!)

basically if you look at my previous question which was explicitly for helix’s, i want that profile (ribbon like) but any shape, driven by a curve. I dont expect a full working example (though it would be nice :wink:) but rather a point in the right direction about how to start it!

Once again, thanks alot for all your assistance!

Isn’t THREE.ExtrudeGeometry()/THREE.ExtrudeBufferGeometry() with .extrudePath in its extrudeSettings object be enough in this case?
Could you provide a picture of the desired result?


well don’t I feel like an idiot, has that always been there!?! I havnt tested, but from looking at the examples, yes, that’s exactly right, i cant believe I didn’t know about it and missed it when i look again! shameful

once again you have sorted me out, thanks alot!!!