How to add water refraction to a sphere

I am trying to add the final piece to my water material but can’t seem to figure it out. I took some snippets from this article Real-time Multiside Refraction in Three Steps | Codrops and try to make it work on a sphere. I come close but from the side view, it gets ruined. Here are a few screenshots. with before, after, and a side view.
Without Refraction:

With Refraction front facing:

Side view with refracton:

And the water refraction code:

vec3 eyeVector = normalize( - cameraPosition);
vec3 normalSurface = vec3(
		fbm(2.5 * sUv + .05 * uTime),
		fbm(2.5 * sUv + .05 * uTime),
		fbm(2.5 * sUv + .05 * uTime)

	vec3 refracted = refract(eyeVector, + normalSurface, 1.0/1.333);
	sUv += refracted.xy;

Had an idea to use triplanar uvs but not sure where to use them. Any help to get water refraction working would be great!!