How to access DOM elements outside the client.ts?

I am working on this example for annotations SBEDIT : Online Code Editor but i am using the boilerplate version from here: GitHub - Sean-Bradley/Three.js-TypeScript-Boilerplate: Three.js TypeScript Boilerplate

I am trying to update some CSS2DObject elements that are displayed inside index.html (for example the annotationLabel .div) but three.js will bring error “Cannot find name ‘annotationLabel’.” though those HTML blocks are creating from client.ts " annotationDiv.className = ‘annotationLabel’" and they are added to the scene with " scene.add(annotationLabel)". if i work on the sbedit example without the boiler i can access this element without problems. How can i access this block that is already added to the scene but for somereason three.js cannot find it? Let me know if you need more information

example of my code in the boiler version:

                const annotationDiv = document.createElement('div')
                annotationDiv.className = 'annotationLabel'
                annotationDiv.innerHTML =  annotations[a].sub
                const annotationLabel = new CSS2DObject(annotationDiv)