How should I draw the player in a multiplayer enviorment

So I’ve been using threejs for a while now and it’s a wonderful library to have for 3D graphics but I’ve hit a question that I haven’t been able to find a good answer to. In the game that I am creating I plan for it to be multiplayer so players can see each other. I’ve sketched various ideas like a cube or sort of stick but they don’t end up looking good. My next idea was to just grab a model of a person, but I realized that I would have to animate them walking, running, and changing directions. So I decided to ask here, what do you represent the player as in your games.


I don’t recommend using a walking model, you will have a nightmare of a time writing animation controller for it from scratch. I suggest going with something that’s mechanical and inorganic. Like a tank for example, or a car or a UFO.

What other people use will depend on their skills, budget and look/feel they are going for.