Approach for modular GLTF models (with animations)?

Sooo I’m relatively new to the ThreeJS community (hi everyone!) and so far I’ve just played around with making a character controller for a GLTF model I loaded.

From here I’m trying to decide what the best approach is for my vision. I will have super simple (low poly, etc) graphics for my game, where the characters’ limbs are detached from one another (ie floating head, torso, feet, and hands). I’m trying to make each of these parts customizable/modular, so instead of “skinning” a model like you might do in Unity, I’m just entirely replacing that body part.

IE character may have some default head, torso, hands, feet. Those parts should come together to form/use a common skeleton (ideally Mixamo compatible). But, if a person wants to customize their head to be, instead of “Default Head”, for example “Head 2” with a different design, just entirely replace that portion of the model (instead of, for example, adding models “on top” of the existing default).

Its almost like what I’m aiming for is separate models for each body part that come together to make a complete character, that uses a common skeleton.

Has anyone approached this in ThreeJS / know some best practices or advice for me as I get started?

Good luck to everyone on their projects!