How is the API doc generated?


I’m working on a Python wrapper around three.js. As part of the project, I would like to automatically generate the .pyi scrub files.
This would allow users to have auto-complete and type checking in Python.

I assume three.js must have some automated tool to generate the documentation API (scene.jsscene.html) but I could not find it.

Where is this tool located ?

I think I could use it to automatically generate the stubs (scene.jsscene.pyi)

It doesn’t. The documentation is authored manually.

As @Mugen87 mentions, the docs are maintained by hand. But as one idea to achieve what you’re describing, perhaps using a tool like Typedoc or API Extractor on the three.js type definitions might give the information you need? API Extractor represents the API as a JSON schema.

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Thank you for your answer and pointing me to GitHub - three-types/three-ts-types: TS type library for the popular webgl library threejs

This sounds promising to achieve what I want.

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