Sublime Text: integrate Threejs documentation?

I’m new to Javascript and Three.js and am working from this site and the book Learn Three.js. It’s a bit of a struggle but, I think, worth it when I can get over a big transition from other languages and development environments. The examples on the site are really impressive!

It would be very helpful if three.js documentation could be directly accessed from Sublime Text. Currently, I keep one window open to the Three.js documentation pages. In contrast, I recently did a little work using openFrameworks (C++) in Visual Studio. There the oF library could be integrated into a project so that you could highlight an openFrameworks method and cause its basic documentation to pop up in a small window.

I realize there are big differences between C++ and JS (compiled vs. “scanned”, etc.) but perhaps the Wizards of JS and Three.js can suggest something. Fingers crossed in hope.

The documentation and the source code are decoupled so it’s no possible to integrate it into an editor or IDE. Of course it would be possible if the project would strictly use JSDoc. However, it was decided for different reasons (e.g. style issues) not to do so.

three.js started lately to include TypeScript declaration files into the project. If you install three.js via npm, editors like Visual Studio Code should be able to extract the type information from the src/Three.d.ts file. In this way, an editor can properly autocomplete methods and show type information.

Mugen87: Thanks for the clear explanation.

I will continue to view three.js documentation in a browser window while in Sublime Text. It’s probably a good exercise for a rank beginner to do a little hunting in the docs. I’ll leave the Typescript/VS Code option for now.