How does editor perform translations on selected objects?

I have been trying to implement three.js to upload 3MF files, and allow the user to rotate and translate the models around with their positions, rotations, and materials being displayed just like how the three.js editor does it. So I have been reading through the source code for the editor on github and I believe the rotations are documented in the EditorControls.js file. But I do not understand how the editor is making the translations and I was wondering how to do that.

I wanted to perform the translations and rotations just like the three.js editor because it is very easy to use by dragging on the center arrows/lines. I wasn’t sure if there is an easier way to do this besides going through the editor source code.

You took the hard way, I bet you were googling “three.js translate” while you should’ve googled “three.js transform”, here is the first result TransformControls and the related example