How to make a object rotate in the Editor

hi, i can’t understand how i can do what i want…
i have made my 3d item, and imported it in threejs editor, it work.
but i don’t understand how i can make it rotate.

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thanks but it’s not working.
my sphere turn around y but i need it turn around itself on y (by the center of the sphere)

when i test with this script, i don’t understand why but i get that :

(video on upload maybe you have to wait for watch)

Your geometry is probably not centered.

that’s it, but i can’t explain why.
that’s happened when i imported my stl file from solidworks.
so i have import in blender this file and export in .obj
and then i imported from .obj to editor and origin is ok… well it work now

Now i have an other question.
i’m here in my project :

and i want to creat a navigation menu on the ring. (it have to follow the ring rotation)
like the menu gravitate around the sphere…
and i have no idea how i can do that

in this exemple ( ) it work !
so i think it’s possible

no reply ?
this is so hard ?

anybody here ?

Hello! This discourse began just on the 13th of March, 2017, so while there are some people over here, maybe they are not sure how to resolve your issue. As the community grows, hopefully issues such as yours will be addressed in a more timely manner.

Also, your original question had been answered. Now you are just trying to make us do the project for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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no , there is more in the project, just there is some point i need help with.

finaly i found myself how to attach 4 mesh on the ring.
so i have my sphere (rotate on y)
i have my ring (rotate around the sphere to x y and z)
i have 4 little sphere on the ring (follow the ring rotation)
and now my probleme is (after 10000 try) : i can’t find how i can do the littles spheres as a hyperlink to open a new page

ps : i don’t understand one thing more… i put a perspectiv camera in the scene (in three js editor)
but when i publish and get the code. there is a problème.
when i open the html file to see the result, the scene is not view from my camera but it’s view from my screen (at the moment i publish) => i’m not sure if i explain very well

Hey, you should watch a couple more tutorials, there are plenty out there on Youtube!

Have fun using Three.js for your project(s)! :slight_smile: