How do i access features of punctual lights in glb so i can edit them in threejs

I figured out how do i access the punctual light (spot light) from my glb that i exported from blender. However, i am not able to change the intensity,color and distance of it? how do i do it ?

my attempt is shown below

the console log

I found out where the features of lights are in console(blue marking), but i am not able access it to manipulate it.

Also in future Id want to set its shadow normal bias and shadow. so is there a way i can make the punctual lights into like a three js light object so i can manipulate it accordingly

Hard to tell with the shared screenshot of the code. In the code screenshot you’re not showing how you modify the values, in the console screenshot you’re not showing whether you’re actually picking up the light correctly by using its name (ie. what’s the value of const pointLight, is it the light or is it a group encapsulating it?)

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I would also try this to check whether the name ‘Spot’ appears only once and corresponds only to the spot light: