How costly is two scenes?

I know these kind of questions are the worst, but I really need to get a good idea at how efficient two scenes are? I originally tried to build my UI entirely into one scene along with a game, and while it works, I’ve come across some issues that have made me think maybe two scenes would be better for this purpose.

Ideal is a game for the web, but as it stands right now my game performs at max fps in older iphone models (5,6,7). Is two scenes a heavy process in three js?

Using two scenes is not very costly.
Unless you mean to render the same objects twice.

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I just mean two scenes. One with objects and one with UI.

I’m wondering if two scenes is actually less costly than having one giant scene filled with objects and effects and adding UI on top of it all. I have no idea how to gauge these things.

It would not be less costly.
(about the same)

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