How can I manipulate the vertices of the sphere in three.js?

I am just starting out with programming and getting started with my own projects. I am working with three.js for this particular project to get an interactive sphere.

I did create the sphere and made it interactive through orbital controls so I can move the sphere little bit like google earth.

What I’m trying to know is maybe very simple for a lot of people so I hope someone can help.

I want to convert all the vertices on the sphere into their own objects so that I can program them differently and interact with them. An example of this can be like when we click on a place on google earth then it zooms in and opens up a window giving details about that particular city. And in my project, I will like that if I click on a vertice then it changes color around that area for that and surrounding vertices, if I can get to that point then I’ll be able to learn more on my own. Any guidance in the right direction will help.

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It’s a little hard to answer this without knowing exactly what you want to do.

However, a common approach to this problem is to create a new object (say, a new tiny sphere) centered on each vertex of the big sphere.

Can you explain in more detail what you want achieve? It will also help if you share your code too. There’s some templates here that you can use to get started:

If you get started you might learn from examples in this forum.

You may need to mix some of the techniques from the examples.

Some examples partly to the sphere.

They could be useful for your purpose.