How can I make sure light shines on mashpong material from all directions equally so no shadows show

Hi Team
I have little green circles using mashpong material that i want to shine no matter what rotation i have for them. But as you can see in these pictures during certain rotations i see black dots appear on the green circles which covers their shininess.
Is this a lighting issue? If it is how can i fix it.

Good shine in this image

black dots on each green circle in this mage which is undesirable


or drop the camera into the scene and add the lights as children, that way the lighting will stay consistent with camera perspective at all times.

i would probably prefer the ambience.

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Iā€™d suggest to move the light together with the camera. Something like this in your animation loop:

light.position.copy( camera.position );

Or add the light as a child of the camera, as @drcmda says.

Thank you so much for both answers. I tried the ambientLight and that seems to have done the trick.
Thanks again for your quick response.