How can I Load gltf blob file

Hello Three.js team, Can Anyone help me with my case,
I am getting a sketchfab link and underhood I load a zip file and unzip the file with the help of zip.js
and getting gltf file and now I want to load this.
I read some articles but could not find how to do that underhood. can you help me with articles or examples
Thank You & Regards.

The idea is to directly use the parse() method of GLTFLoader. The call usually looks like so:

loader.parse( contents, '', ( gltf ) => {

    scene.add( gltf.scene );

} );

Ideally, contents is of type ArrayBuffer. This can be defined when accessing files in zip files. E.g. AMFLoader does it like so:

const data = zip.file( file ).asArrayBuffer();

@ Mugen87 I am interested, after unzip

I am getting all this files in blob format how can I Load .bin and textures all together


Follow this

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@Mugen87 @shubham_soni this is was the answer to my question thank you for you time