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Hi, I’m a beginner in using Three.js.

I was consulting the GLTF loader documentation and saw that the example given only renders a GLTF using the link where it is. In my case, gltf is a response to a request and when trying to pass this request to load it does not allow it. I needed help figuring out how to make this work, since I can’t change the backend logic, so it will always return gltf as a response.

// Edit
GLTF has a separate texture that is also a response to a request.

// Edit 2
I tried using load.parse, passing the GLTF as ArrayBufer and the texture as DataURL, but this was the result:

    await gltfBlob.arrayBuffer(),
    // called when the resource is loaded
    function (gltf) {
      gltf.scene.traverse(function (node) {
        if (node.isMesh) {
          mesh = node;
          // console.log(currentTexture)

          const textureLoader = new THREE.TextureLoader();
          const newTexture = textureLoader.load(URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([textureArrayBuffer])));

          newTexture.flipY = false;
 = newTexture;
          mesh.material.needsUpdate = true;

Result using gltfBlog.arrayBuffer and texture as dataURL

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