Hirining full time WebGL in Los Angeles, CA

WebGL Developer

Faraday Future (FF) is a California-based mobility company, leveraging the latest technologies and world’s best talent to realize exciting new possibilities in sustainable transportation. We’re producing user-centric, technology-first vehicles to establish new paradigms in human-vehicle interaction. We’re not just seeking to change how our cars work – we’re seeking to change the way we drive. At FF, we’re creating something new, something connected, and something with a global impact.

As a creative WebGL developer, you’ll be in charge of conceptualizing, designing, and developing immersive web-based 3D experiences to showcase the exciting new features of our flagship vehicle: The FF 91. Are you confident that you could build something similar to https://3d.ff.com/us/ ? If so, this position is for you!

What you’ll do:

• Initially, you’ll be charged with coming up with the concept and design of a 3D tour of the interior of the vehicle. It will focus on a list of featured items and follow our FF design guidelines.

• Secondly, you’ll convert our high-polygon interior models into an economic, web-friendly format. This step will include mesh retopography and texture creation, finding a good balance between small file sizes and high fidelity.

• Finally, you’ll develop the 3D experience in Three.js, ensuring its compatibility across browsers and devices. The finished product would ideally be optimized to be low in file size, yet fast in performance to target mobile devices.

We’re looking for a candidate with:

  • Extensive knowledge in WebGL, and the 3D web ecosystem:
    • Three.js
    • GLSL shader code
    • 3D graphics software (Blender or similar alternative)
    • Exporting in glTF format
    • Texture generation software (Photoshop, render or other)
    • Understanding of Image-based lighting, and an ability to achieve photorealism
  • In depth knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks and concepts (Node.js, Webpack, Git)
  • Animation skills and solid dexterity with any tweening library of choice
  • Familiar with responsiveness, web design best practices and mobile web development
  • Ability to use existing developer tools and profilers to pinpoint and fix performance bottlenecks
  • Skill in building interfaces that play well with mouse, keyboard, and touch devices equally.
  • Strong communication skills, as you’ll be presenting work and defending decisions to the team
  • A team player who can collaborate with engineers, designers, and other cross-functional teams
  • Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JSON
  • Strong creative development portfolio
  • Takes ownership of tasks and drives tasks through to completion

Additional ‘Nice to Have Skills’:

• Web Optimization guru (leveraging GZIP when available, minimal node module dependences, image file format compression, glTF compression, asset preloading, etc)

• An understanding of modern rendering techniques

• A structured way of working regarding profiling, debugging and planning



I’d love to be considered for this job.

I am developing a tool to create interactive webgl scenes: https://3dcreator.io/demo
You can also see an example with a car here: https://3dcreator.io/scenes/72c63e47-d83c-4802-95f5-8a74d10617f5

How would you like to receive applications?

Hi Guillaume,

Thank you for contacting me. Would you please send me your resume?



Sure, but do you have an email?
Mine is on this page: https://3dcreator.io/

Pozdrav Sladjana,

Is this completely off limits to contract work? I have some experience with working with car assets at a large agency.

Hi Sladjana, I sent you a pm.


Thank you for your interest in the company and this position. Would you please send me your resume?

Thank you,