Hiring Fullstack developer for Carbon (3D printing late-stage startup)

Carbon (Redwood City, Bay Area, California)
Senior Fullstack Engineer

Salary range: $152K - $229K

Carbon is a 3D printing late-stage startup focused on bringing ideas and designs into production. We are looking for a fullstack engineer who can help us develop our design, printer, and workflow automation web software. We work in TypeScript, React, Node.js, Nest.js, and PostgreSQL. For our design and print preperation applications, we use three.js and react-three-fiber to render, edit, and manipulate 3D models. We work closely with our geometry team to lattice, texture, and generate supports for parts used for real-world applications. Come join us!

Apply here: Job Application for Senior Fullstack Engineer at Carbon, Inc.

Questions? Email me: jianga at carbon3d dot com

Are there any people from the Bay Area here? PM me please.