[Hiring] Front-End Dev for EdTech Product

About the product:

We’re out to change the future of education with a unique story-driven gamified learning platform that delivers real content in an engaging and practical way.

Our flagship program has students learn about entrepreneurship, and then start and run a social-enterprise and complete curriculum-aligned tasks to earn money from that social-enterprise. With the money that the students make they can purchase custom cosmetics for their characters and office, upgrade their business, pursue impact investments and attend training to further develop their skills.

This is the beginning of a the larger vision for the product, we plan to deliver custom content created by actively practicing industry experts to children across the world.

About the team:

Hey Startup! is a recently funded start up currently building its founding team, we are based in Brisbane and have access to a hot desk in Fortitude Valley, but work mostly from our homes. We are supported by two world class studios, Josephmark and Aginic Ventures.

You will be a founding team member and as such will have a hand in shaping the future of the company.

Where do you fit in?

Your mission will be to join a small team of developers in building a cutting-edge gamified learning platform (effectively an LMS) for schools. You should be happy to acquire the skills required to build a product that other people are afraid to build.

In addition to being heavily involved in the development of the front-end of the platform using new and exciting technologies, you will be a part of a collaborative team that shares a commitment to product, and may be required to assist with back-end deployment.

You must not be afraid to speak your mind and actively advocate for the users of your work, even though it sometimes makes things harder for us.

If you’re passionate about new technologies, and want to build the best educational product in the global market, then you may be a fit for this role.


  • support a new EdTech startup as the lead developer
  • be a part of a small team of developers, grow your skills to close any gaps
  • create a cutting edge game for students using WebGL to render 3D models in the browser
  • build the front-end of an LMS for students to engage in content
  • assist the lead developer in the build of a custom back-end development
  • meet milestones on time and within budget
  • build a product that meets all Australian privacy and security requirements
  • create work that has impact (inspire and influence internally and externally)

You should have:

  • a catchy portfolio that shows your favourite and most engaging work
  • experience in building flashy*,* animated webpages or games
  • the ability to adopt new technologies and methodologies quickly and efficiently
  • some experience in agile methodology and working in sprints
  • some understanding of the world of startups and building products from ground zero
  • the ability to explain your decision making process

P.S. If you’re reading this and thinking “Damn, I only tick a few of those boxes, so I can’t apply…”
Don’t be silly - if you’re a standout human, we want to hear from you!

Bonus points for:

  • A passion for education, particularly that of young children
  • knowledge of game theory, game design and gamification principles
  • experience in UI/UX or a desire to acquire
  • a desire to move into a lead role as the company grows

What’s in it for you?

  • 4-day (32hr) work week
  • opportunity for paid work on passion projects, volunteer work or upskilling initiatives
  • 95% WFH, we’d rather give you a bonus than pay rent for a boring office right now
  • $70-100k PA inc Super DOE

Balance: We’re pro-work/life balance, we can flex this position now or in the future to fit your needs. You will also be part of our founding team and will have a strong voice in establishing a positive, inclusive and friendly company culture.

Growth: As a founding team member you will have the opportunity to grow your role and salary with the company - the more impact your work has on our product, the faster we will both grow!
If you’ve got other ambitions, then just let us know what they are and we will help you work toward them!

Equity: Want to own a part of what you’re working on? You’ll be first in line for share allocations via an ESOP arrangement.

A sense of purpose: We’re building a product for the worlds most important people, our children. Everything we do is designed to provide future-critical educational opportunities to young people across Australia (and eventually the world).

Belonging: We know that better products are built by diverse teams. We are an inclusive workplace committed to fostering a sense of thriving and belonging for all.

If you share our vision of creating better education for future generations, then you’ll find a home at Hey Startup!

How to Apply

  1. Read through the entire advert to make sure that you understand the role.
  2. Take a breath, take a moment, think about what you’re really looking for. Come back if you’re still super keen on building educational content for young students.
  3. Email mitchell@heystartup.com.au with your portfolio link and & resume + any additional information that you think is relevant.

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