High-volume .bin file in gltf output

I exported some gltf files via blender. I am migrating my cloud services and I need to redeploy my app but first I had to push it up to a repository. It was at this moment I realized how huge my bin file was. I did some optimization by turning compression on when I export it through blender, but now my animations aren’t playing and It’s not reading the action method. I most certainly think it has something to do with Draco not being supported , but I am not too sure. I am using React Three for what it’s worth.

If at all possible, please share enough information for someone to reproduce the problem, ideally the model itself. If that’s not possible, share at least a description of what is in your glTF models, any errors you see, etc. Opening the original in https://gltf.report/ and copy/pasting the contents of the ‘metadata’ tab would help a lot.