Help achieving similar glass effect

Hello from Tokyo to all.
It’s been a while and getting back to using threejs.

There has been additions and updates to transmission material, I have been playing around with its many options. But I am unable to get the same effect as the one in this link.

It’s possible with the same versions of drei and threejs.

But I do want to use the latest version.

Thank you.

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I think you’re looking for this:

Three.js - Mesh Physical Material Transmission

React Three Fiber - MeshTransmissionMaterial

@iHast Thank for the reply but as you can read my post already identified that I was using the mesh transmission material.

I finally found the settings that replicates the same diffraction values as the link I posted.

Don’t use backface.

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Oh! Sorry, man! I didn’t understand your problem well. English isn’t my native language, so sometimes I make mistakes Hahaha. I’m happy you found the answer!