HDR Bloom effect?

Hi guys! I recently posted a question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43544976/three-js-hdr-bloom

Is this possible in theory? Are there any ways?

It comes to mind about creating a new scene and re-rendering the necessary objects, but it seems to me stupid)) it might be better to somehow get the brightness value from all the shaders.

I want to create something like this: http://dt-byte.ru/fc87d432.png
Thank you.

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But this is not exactly what I need, I can not properly adjust the glow, for example, for effects, it’s necessary that they brightly shine

Can you explain a little more clearly what you want to achieve? In the HDR Bloom that you linked there are 4 adjustable parameters, and between them you can adjust the brightness of the bloom effect until the whole scene is just a glow - as far as I can see it should be possible to emulate the image you linked with this effect.

I want to highlight only the particles in the scene and can some elements, for example a flashlight or spotlight.

Any object can have the intensity of the light being exposed 1, the sun 1000, the flashlight 100, and so on.
For example, particles may have a brightness range of 1 to 1000.

The easiest option I thought was to somehow write the intensity of each pixel’s radiation to the buffer.

Shader example:

float Intensity = 100.0;
vec3 color = vec3(1,0,1);

//Somehow transfer from the shader to the buffer and then somewhere to process
varying pixelIntensity = color * Intensity;

Then having the buffer it is possible to make one more render in a texture or directly from the buffer to transfer in (unreal_bloom) as a source of brightness which need to be processed.