Have there some ways to make progress-bar of the scene?

I want make a progress-bar before the scene loaded completed.But I don’t know how to do it. Only I know is LoadingManager using on loading model.But It seems the number is incorrect. LoadingManager doesn’t read the size of the file and it excuted when the model loading completed.
So how to make a progress-bar of the scene?

Model loader has its own callback function.

LoadingManager only counts the number of loaded items. If you want to show a progress bar for a single asset, use the onProgress() callback of the loaders load() method. A good example for this is: three.js webgl - loaders - OBJ loader

More information about implementing loading screens or progress bars: Basic Loading Screen

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Thanks for your answer, that’s very helpful!
And I have a question about progress bar:
How to make such progress bar of the whole scene not just one model:
the progress bar is loading from 0 to 100%
sample: https://ffa.roomskale.com/