How in just loaded 0-100 progress indication given loading threejs?

I think at the beginning of threejs load time 0%, constantly increasing, 100% when loaded, how to monitor the increasing the total time to present the law

You can start from looking at THREE.LoadingManager().

I’m not sure i understand your question. Do you want to show a progress bar when loading a 3D asset like a character model? In this case, you can use the onProgress callback function of the loaders load() method. If you want to keep track of multiple assets, use LoadingManager instead.

In case you’re speaking of showing the progress of a single file. This is not working like this by default. Using the LoadingManager, THREE will show the progress of each item loaded, having 4 files the progress bar will jump from 0% to 25% to 50% to 75% to 100%.

I know. The granularity of THREE.LoadingManager should be sufficient for most use cases. If users need a more detailed progress bar, they have to implement a custom one.