Hardware acceleration bug

Faced with a problem that occurs after loading a scene (which contains textures for overlaying on the background) from a json file into a project being developed. The problem is that the lower half of the scene is displayed normally and replacing the textures in the interface they are re-drawn correctly, but the changes are not applied to the upper half of the scene. This behavior can be observed when hardware acceleration in the browser is turned off, but if it is turned on, this bug disappears and the whole scene is displayed correctly. However, on some machines the effect is reversed, namely when the hardware acceleration is turned on, the bug appears. Has anybody encountered such a problem? An example of a scene and screenshots are attached below.
app.json (3.7 MB)
Hardware acceleration dissabled:

Hardware acceleration enabled:

When importing app.json into the editor, I can immediately see z-fighting. I guess your problem is related to the fact how you overlay 3D objects and thus produce the mentioned glitches.

Hardware acceleration should always be turned on. If it’s turned off, this will degrade WebGL performance or probably breaking WebGL support in general, depending on the browser.