Got stuck in baking process

Here is my scene,baked texture and website result.?WHy does therocks and somelogs(not all) behave ass emissive material . I have checked they have correct rocks material and woodon logs.
Please help I am stuck. I. What might be the issue?

You need to compare your uv mapping in relation to the baked texture. It looks like there is a mismatch between the two.


How do I do that

As you can see in the following picture m y texture is baked on the top of uv itself

In order to compare the baked texture to your uv’s you need to load the baked texture into the uv editor.

Are you exporting only one set of uvs with your glb or more than that?

@Lawrence3DPK I am not sure How do I do do that?

If you’re loading the texture separately… try setting texture.flipY = false after you load it.

Otherwise try exporting the whole thing w textures included as a single gltf (glb) file, and the exporter should fix it up for you.

Edit: actually this looks like it might also be an issue with a second set of uvs or smth.

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In blender inspect the uv sets for each model


Thanks ! Everyone for the help . Thank You @Lawrence3DPK You wer absolutely right I had more than 1 uv maps and some objects were havng the second uv map.

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