GooseGame - a Fun Online Game about Unruly Geese

Hey friends,

We’ve made an amazing multiplayer death match about geese fighting for food and territory. Even a single goose could make a big fuss in a quiet boring village for its own fun. Just imagine what dozens of these birds can do, especially when they need to survive! We used three.js to create this online battle.

You can play GooseGame here.

Here are some screenshots:

Hope you’ll enjoy our game :slight_smile:
Let us know your thoughts.


peace was never an option

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Yeah… the thing is that these geese annoyed the farmer and he had to lock them in the pen to calm down a bit :joy: with plenty of food, though. But their terrible characters are incorrigible and they simply need smth to destroy… for example, their former “colleagues” but now competitors))

By the way, it’s still possible to remain the only peaceful goose in this wild gang - simply needed to be the fastest and the subtlest. But then the game is going to be endless.

“Geese of Peace”
“( Let there be ) Peace for the Geese”
“GeesePeace at Ease”

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hahaha amazing))
or “Geese, Peace Pleeease”



Geese at Ease.

You loose, Goose.

Don’t loose your Goose.

Don’t be a looser, Gooser.

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That’s really fun. I am curious what libraries did you use.

Hi. very beautiful game!