GLTF texture repeating


I made a peach in Blender that has a single image texture with these settings:


In blender I only see the little black lips (the texture) once as intended:


When i export(packaged gltf without .bin etc) and upload to either my own website or the GLTF viewer it tiles the texture and I see the lips three times:

My basic loader code is here.

Any help appreciated!

Can you please share the glTF asset in this thread?

BTW: Since you are using Blender, please export the asset as a glb file. That makes it a bit easier to share and load.

Yes here is a .glb I just exported:

peachfordiscourse.glb (1.1 MB)

I’ve imported the asset in two glTF viewers (three.js based gltf-viewer and BabylonJS sandbox) and both render the peach in the same way (repeating the texture three times). Hence, it seems to me that the asset is not exported correctly from Blender.

OK i presumed as much. Thankyou - I will keep trying to find where i’m going wrong.